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Case Studies

The following five case studies are representative of the type of client services we provide. These are case studies of what we have done for these four clients. Just click on the link and you can view a graphic of the case study. 
Mid-Continent Fuel Supply Options

This study was an integral part of the process of choosing the optimum supply sources and the most cost affective methods of transportation for a client's Mid-Continent railroads.  

San Joaquin Valley Railroad

The market surrounding SJVR presented a variety of supply options, tempered with various price formulas and logistics variables.  These alternatives are moving targets that require daily monitoring and responses to assure the railroad chooses the best alternative for the day.

TP&W Fuel Logistics Study

The regional supply alternatives for the TP&W were critical to monitor as the area pipeline terminals have a habit of running out of diesel inventory before the next pipeline  shipment or cycle (7 days) arrives. It is necessary to have as many as seven (7) different supply locations to assure continuous diesel supply for the road

Freight Australia, Melbourne, Australia

With the existing supply contract expiring, it was necessary to prepare a "RFP" or Request for Proposal that was sent to all the International oil companies represented in the Southern half of Australia. Reviewing the offers and selecting the final "right" supplier was an challenge due to the diverse locations and their unique fueling requirements. Deliveries of fuel were delivered via pipeline into the primary fuel storage tanks at Melbourne in addition to deliveries by truck to 13 or 14 other "DTL" or direct to locomotive fueling locations.

U.S. West Coast Petroleum Product Pipelines

This study was required to illustrate the unique oil refining and distribution centers contained within the West Coast.  The three states of California, Oregon and Washington are inherently connected by pipelines, all fed by a handful of refineries.  The optimum cost alternatives for each of the West Coast railroads all require primary and alternative suppliers. The ever changing grades of diesel fuel present interesting challenges.

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